Friday, March 16, 2012

Anansi - Day 1

Reading Core Standard Key Ideas & Details 3
Divide paper into three columns, with three sections in each column.
Anansi Does the Impossible by Verna Aardema
1. Read Anansi Does the Impossible by Verna Aardema.
2. Ask your child what the three things were that the Sky God asked Anansi to bring to him.
3. Write each one at the top of each column.
4. Ask your child "How did Anansi capture the python?"  In the second section of the column draw, or have your child draw how Anansi captured the python.  In the final section of the column write what your child says.
5. Repeat for the fairy and the hornets.

Phonics Core Standard Phonological Awareness 2.a.
Write "Snake" at the top of two pages.  Divide the sheet into eight sections writing "__ake" in each section
Cut a piece of paperinto small squares writing each consonant on a square, also add "st," "sh"
Put squares in a baggie
Baggie with letters
2 sheets of paper with "Snake' written at top and "__ake" in the eight sections
This is a game!!
1.  First person pulls a letter from the bag and puts in front of "ake."
2. If this makes a word, they keep the letter in front of "ake."
3. Second person pulls a letter, puts it in front of word.  If it doesn't from a word they put it in the cast off pile (we called it the "eh-eh  pile")
4. The first person to create eight words wins.
5.After you are done creating words, use a marker and write the letters you pulled in front of "___ake" to make the words.
**To watch me teach this go to

Writing Core Standard
Pour colored sugar or jell-o in a thin layer on a plate
1. Show your child how to form the letter "A," and "a."
2. Let them write the letters, one at a time, in the sugar.
3.The fun is being able to lick your fingers as you write the letter!

**This sis great for tactile learning!

Math Core Standard - Counting & Cardinality 4.a.
Make a mini book writing the numbers 1-20 with one number on each page
Mini book
Stamps or stickers
1. Have your child stamp the number of animals that are written on the page (stamp one bunny for the number one, 2 cats for 2, etc).
2. Do this for each number up to 20.

Get a paper plate or large paper bag
markers or crayons
Get a paper plate or large paper bag
markers or crayons
1. Have your child create an Anansi mask.
**My son really doesn't like art, so his mask was as simple as he could make it. A circle cut out of bag, circles cut out for eyes and he was Anansi.  He thought for sure he was going to scare his older sister when she came home from school.


  1. I have tried different learning styles from your post and I should say that what I've learned from here has greatly helps my little ones! Thanks!

    1. I am so glad! I haven't blogged in a while, but am starting again this Summer. I hope the new ideas help, too!